A Solution to The Problem

I do believe that every problem in this world has a solution and there are always three ways to find a solution to any problem. “My Theory”

  1. Choose a Pre-Defined path
  2. Find a Path
  3. Create a Path

Choose a Pre-Defined Path

I would call it known. This is a path that someone already has discovered or created. You just need to follow it to reach the same destination. Like someone has created a light bulb person name Thomas Edison. Now he has created or found a path that allows us to create a light bulb. And now some companies improvise the primitive methods improve the efficiency of the bulb.

Find a Path

In this method, you just have to do the experiments, in other words, apply hit and trial method to find a path. Like science is doing right now. There are just doing the experiments by one metal with others and monitor its reaction and doing the same with all other metals by making combinations.

Create a Path

This method is above all, it is like a way to do something that will cause extreme damages or extreme profits. Like a nuclear bomb, Like artificial rain, like artificial intelligence, like Nanotechnology. This methodology is almost the same as finding a path but I think it is a little bit more risky and rewarding too. Like to travel 100 light-years to other galaxies.

A Solution to the Problem - Harroop Singh

So we have short time in our life, we need to choose our battle and need to start working on the solution. Always keep one thing in mind solution is there, you just have to find it or create it. That’s all

Harroop Singh